Write an Unexpected Headline that Declares the Value You Provide and Quickly Creates Intrigue

Craft a subheading that gives further context to your headline and clearly states your offering.

This is your ‘one-liner.’ In two or three sentences, state the problem that you solve, how you do that better than anyone else, and describe the success that people will experience if they do business with you.

Value Proposition Headline

Craft a subheading to introduce the benefits people will experience as a result of working with you. In each title below, create a brief phrase that states the benefit. Then use the subtext to further explain the benefit.


For the benefit title, create a phrase that states each value proposition. If you were an auto mechanic, for example, you might write something like, ‘Fix Any Problem’ or ‘Get Back on the Road Quickly.’


Do not make these descriptions about you or your business. Make them about your customer — their wants, their needs — and what they will get out of doing business with you.


Although these statements can be as simple as ‘Save More Time’ or ‘Save More Money,’ it is encouraged to be more specific to the unique desires of your prospective customer.

Process Headline

Craft a subheading to introduce the process of what it looks like to do business with you. These should be straightforward and high-level thoughts; the goal is simply to help your prospective customer know what to expect.

1. Process Step Title

Subheading to enhance the title above.

Depending on your product or service, the first step in working with you may be as simple as setting up an account, assembling a product, or providing insight into a desired outcome. In any case, it should communicate the first overall phase of the customer experience for this product or service.

2. Process Step Title

Subheading to enhance the title above.

The second step in the process usually touches on the main action within the customer experience. For example, if it was a financial software program, you might write something like, ‘Import Your Expenses.’

3. Process Step Title

Subheading to enhance the title above.

For the final stage of the process, describe the result of the steps that precede it. Using the same financial software example from step two, ‘See Your Savings Clearly’ could be the type of aspirational statement that strongly caps off the customer experience.

Agreement Plan Headline

Subheading about the promises you will make to your customers to overcome their objections.


Your agreement plan is the group of promises you make to your customers to overcome their reservations about working with you.

PRomise title

A common example of this is “Free Shipping. Free Returns. No Questions Asked.” These statements help the user to feel safe about taking action because risk is reduced.


Think about the three objections you get the most. Use the agreement plan to proactively and positively address those objections.

Headline that Implies Credibility

State the Risk of Not Engaging

This section is called ‘the Stakes’ — a critical element to the page designed to help users understand that not doing business with you carries risk. This is not a fright tactic. The truth is, if there were no problem, they wouldn’t be on your website looking for a solution. But the fact that they are proves something is standing in the way of them getting what they want. You just need to remind them that they will continue to have the same problem if they do not work with you.

Final Call to Action

You’ve told the user the problem you solve, how you do it better than anyone else and what their life will look like if they do business with you. Now is the time to directly call them to action. Remind them why they’re here and why they need your help.